• Defending myself in a medical malpractice case was extremely stressful, but having Jeff Krompier at my side was comforting to say the least. Jeff and the whole team at Krompier & Tamn are consummate professionals. They prepared me every step of the way.
    In particular, Jeff's skills as a trial attorney are exceptional. He is truly at the top of his game and his performance in court was impressive to watch. I would recommend Jeff and Krompier & Tamn to any physician who finds themselves in a malpractice suit.

    Dr. Joshua R., Spine Surgeon

  • Mr. Jeffrey Krompier is an outstanding attorney. There are so many great things I can say about Mr. Krompier and his team at Krompier & Tamn. Having had no experience with a lawsuit, I was happy to have Mr. Krompier by my side. He prepared and guided me every step of the way. After a 2 and a half week trial, he and I walked out of the courthouse following a 10 minute juror deliberation with a unanimous 8-0 vindication. Mr. Krompier’s attention to detail and his tenacity as a defense attorney in my opinion are unmatched. He explained every step of the process perfectly, and when I felt frustrated, he gave me perspective. During the trial I felt proud to have him representing me. He is a man of the highest character, and I trusted him completely. I would highly recommend Mr. Krompier and his team at Krompier and Tamn without hesitation.

    Dr. Paul D., General Dentist

  • I cannot thank you enough for your rigorous defense over the course of the past 3 ½ years that resulted in today’s [defense] verdict. Your dedication to perfection is exemplary! It was difficult….to grasp all the matters of law along the way and I appreciate your patience and understanding in this regard.
    I would also like to thank…your associate attorneys, paralegal[s], and legal secretaries who support you in your work. They were out of our sight during the trial but not out of [my] thoughts. I know how hard they have worked to make your job run smoothly.

    Dr. Richard S., General Dentist

  • My experience with the law firm of Krompier & Tamn was nothing short of exemplary. After 20 plus years in practice I was the subject of a lawsuit, and had no idea what to expect or how to prepare. At every phase of my case, from the initial meetings to discuss the issues, through the deposition phase and on into trial I was treated professionally, prepared thoroughly and represented masterfully. When I had questions, Richard and Jeff had answers. When I was overwhelmed, they helped me maintain perspective. With the help of their office staff, I was constantly kept abreast of any developments in my case. I cannot overstate how thorough was their preparation of me and their
    knowledge of the facts of this suit.
    Sitting in the courtroom watching Jeff litigate this case was an amazing experience, and I am happy to say that a unanimous verdict in my favor was returned after only minutes of deliberation. I have nothing but the highest regard for the work done by the law firm of Krompier & Tamn, and consider both Jeff and Richard not just remarkable attorneys, but friends as well.

    Dr. Peter S., Anesthesiologist

  • The law firm of Krompier & Tamn [was] highly professional throughout [our] relationship… including pre-trial communication and meetings and especially the trial phase of this case which was conducted by Mr. Krompier.
    Mr. Krompier was exemplary… He did a magnificent job with this case….

    Dr. Richard C., General Dentist

  • Mr. Krompier and Mr. Tamn make a great team. Their styles compliment each other and bring years of experience and knowledge to the defense... When it came to preparing for... court, they spent countless hours going [over] details and strategies. I was really impressed with their knowledge, experience and diligence. Their support staff was very attentive and prompt as well... I would highly recommend the team of
    Krompier & Tamn.

    Dr. Kumar S., Orthopaedic Surgeon

  • I worked with Jeff and his associates over the past few years. Overall the firm was very professional... Jeff remained calm [during trial] and his knowledge and experience reassured me at times when I felt overwhelmed... Jeff was always there at all hours and on weekends to see that I was well prepared and felt very well represented... Jeff never lost sight of me as a person. I truly believe he cared about my well-being... I would not hesitate to recommend Jeff and his firm.

    Dr. Carol L., Internist

  • Mr. Krompier took me under his wing and guided me through the legal process. The amount of time and effort he put into [the] case in order to defend me was unbelievable... I would highly recommend Mr. Jeffrey Krompier to any physician who requires an attorney for a medical malpractice suit.

    Dr. Kenneth S., Cardiologist

  • [Mr. Krompier]... methodically reviewed my file... His demeanor was positive, professional, detailed, prompt, compassionate and knowledgeable. [He] has earned my trust, respect and highest regard...

    Dr. Mitchell D., Endodontist

  • How pleased I was with the work that Jeffrey Krompier, Richard Tamn, Jason Altschul and the entire team at Krompier & Tamn, LLC provided in representing me...
    Lawsuits place one in uncomfortable and unfamiliar positions often provoking much anxiety and angst. The attorneys and staff at Krompier & Tamn went to great lengths to explain and prepare me for each step in the process... I became very comfortable knowing that we had a very solid defense against the plaintiff much of it due to the preparedness of attorneys Krompier and Tamn.

    Dr. Kenneth L., Anesthesiologist

  • Mr. Jeffrey Krompier, and his staff, were excellent... [I] pay tribute to [Mr. Krompier's] trial skills, to his meticulous attention to detail..., and to his dedication to defending doctors who need help against fraudulent, malicious, and concocted liability suits.

    Dr. Lee L., General Dentist

  • Mr. Jeffrey Krompier... was extremely patient, informative, knowledgeable and assuring... I have much respect for his competence and compassion and felt very fortunate to have him representing me...

    Dr. Henry M., Internist

  • Jeffrey Krompier was very thorough and took keen interest in the case from the very beginning. [H]is preparation has been the best.

    Dr. Jagbir B., Vascular and General Surgeon

  • Mr. Krompier is an outstanding attorney... He went the extra distance for me. He explained the events to me, advised me when I asked his opinion, and kept me calm throughout not just one trial, but two. He kept me focused on what was happening, but he also distracted me when I needed it. He was more than my attorney. He became a friend... I can never thank him enough.

    Dr. Priscilla H., General Dentist

  • I was confused and upset after I was named a defendant in a malpractice suit. Once I met with Mr. Tamn, however, I felt that I was with a caring and knowledgeable practitioner. That feeling never wavered as throughout the case both he and his staff kept me up to date on all developments. I was always told what to expect...in a reassuring manner. Mr. Tamn and his staff made an unpleasant experience as painless as... could be... I was very pleased with his representation.

    Dr. Dan L., Internist

  • I won a unanimous no-cause jury verdict after a six-day trial. [Mr. Krompier] is very committed to his work. He was very diligent in his preparation and very methodical in court. I recommend him very highly to any doctor who is in a malpractice suit.

    Dr. Augustine A., Emergency Medicine Physician

  • I am ecstatic because I have been vindicated with a unanimous verdict... Mr. Jeff Krompier['s] [civil trial] expertise and knowledge of malpractice law was very impressive... Mr. Krompier was always professional, courteous and encouraging throughout the trial. I would recommend him highly to my colleagues.

    Dr. Michael B., General Dentist

  • As stressful as this entire process was, I could not have been better prepared for it. It was a pleasure working with Jeff... He took the time to get me through each phase of the trial and made sure I was well prepared...

    PA-C Milagros M., Certified Physician Assistant

  • Mr. Krompier and everyone in his firm helped put my mind at ease through a very difficult time... I would be pleased to recommend his services to any one of my colleagues.

    Dr. Lawrence B., Interventional Cardiologist

  • Thank you [Mr. Krompier]for all your hard work, brilliant counsel, and most of all, for your patience with me... [T]he... burden that I feel has been lifted from my shoulders.

    Dr. Leonard S., General Dentist